Thu, 13 Sep 2018

Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson bring comedy, behind the scenes of the bike world and hilarious stories of old friends to the heart of motorcycling in Glasgow.

Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson bring comedy, behind the scenes of the bike world and hilarious stories of old friends to the heart of motorcycling in Glasgow.

The British Motorcycle legends and World Superbike Champions chatted to a private audience of 130 on Wednesday 12th September at Ducati Glasgow about their careers, the history of their friendship, Niall taking Neil under his wing as a young and upcoming rider and even recent racing incidents in Moto GP.

The evening was definitely a crowd pleaser, with hilarious comments and laughs from the audience as well as genuine home truths. Hodgson even added, “The most important thing I’ve learnt from Niall Mackenzie is Irn Bru Vodka!”

Martin Rees, Managing Director of Ducati Glasgow invited personal friends Mackenzie and Hodgson to the award-winning dealership to promote their Mackenzie Hodgson Insurance and to give something back to motorcycle fans in Scotland. Even a few tales were told from previous ventures where the old friends had met up, “We agreed a sponsorship deal for John McPhee over a few beers, we signed a beer mat and I don’t remember much!” Said Neil Hodgson.

Eager to find out their opinion on other riders, and Moto GP, Rees who acted as a host for the evening asked the pair their opinion on recent Romano Fenati incidents. Mackenzie commented, “It is sickening to watch, shocking and we have a zero tolerance policy for such actions which should not have crossed his mind, although we are all glad no-one got hurt.”

Hodgson added, “We know his penalty, he has no job, has ruined his career, might never race again, but should he be punished for life? We’ve all done stupid things in the past, have we not? I don’t think we should have that on him. Give the kid another chance - if he was a footballer - he’d of maybe crashed on purpose!”

There’s no mistaking that Niall Mackenzie, one of Scotland’s most successful motorcycle racers is still very active around the sport, perhaps due to his two sons Tarran and Taylor racing in his very own footsteps. The success of the Mackenzie and Hodgson pair must be down to the chemistry between the two of them which works so well. The two can also be regularly seen (or heard) together commentating at events including British Superbikes, World Superbikes and MotoGP.

If you ever have the chance to attend an evening with Ducati Glasgow, a special event at the dealership or even a new bike launch we would recommend you to go. This family-owned business knows how to put on a good show, for example; at the Mackenzie Hodgson Evening £500 worth of vouchers were given to every attendee, professional photographers from Venture Studios took photos of nearly every visitor with Neil and Niall, factory-trained Technicians provided in depth workshop tours and the in-house Cafe Racer was open serving delicious hot food and dinner for everyone.

Even if you couldn’t make it, you can watch the event back live from the Ducati Glasgow facebook page. Listen to Mackenzie and Hodgson’s stories of racing glory, the hardships involved, personal opinions on other riders, bikes and more.

“Ducati have the best superbike in the world, it’s the worlds best bike. You can ask anyone what bike they want, what is their dream machine, and it’s always a Ducati.” Hodgson added.

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