New Model Servicing Plans

Every service on a Ducati starts with a basic list of operations. After these tasks are carried out, each bike must be evaluated to determine its specific requirements. See below for more.

Please note: The figures listed below are for 2007 model onwards.

  • Oil change
  • Oil filter replacement
  • All fluid levels checked
  • Controls check and lubricated
  • Spark plug examination / replace if required
  • Air filter examination / clean / replace if required
  • Fuel filter replacement (mileage rated)
  • Check coolant fluid level
  • Strip / examine / clean / lubricate brake calipers
  • Examine condition of brake discs and brake pads
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check tyre pressures and overall condition
  • Examine chain & sprockets
  • Adjust and lubricate as required
  • Check battery condition and charging system
  • Check all electrical systems
  • Nut and bolt tightness check
  • General lubrication of moving parts
  • Quality control check
  • Safety road test and clean

All of the parts we use are official Ducati recommended parts. All of our work is covered under the factory warranty on both new and used machines.

Please remember, we have structured these plans only as a guide to what you will have to pay at today's prices. In certain circumstances, more or indeed less work could be required, these prices are not binding and must be considered at all times to be flexible to some degree.

"Run-in" Service

Compulsory: Carried out on all new vehicles at 650 miles or 6 months, £73.82 (£82.51 for Panigale)* inc 20% VAT (parts only, please call for labour quote*).

Now choose your Service Plan below

Each service plan is specific to a group of models - find your bike and take note of the plan number below. Click on the link to find the cost of your service which includes all of the operations and parts listed above

Service Plan N2 (two valve engines)

Scrambler (All Variants)
Monster 695 / 696 / 796 / 1100 / 1100S / 1100 Evo
Hypermotard (Pre 2013 models) 796 / 1100 / 1100S / Evo / EvoSP
Multistrada 1100 / 1100S
Sport Classic  Sport 1000 / Sport 1000S / GT1000

Click here for servicing costs on (Service Plan N2)

Service Plan N4 (four valve engines)

Superbike 848 / 848Evo / 1098 (All variants) / 1198 (All variants)
Streetfighter / Streetfighter S

Click here for servicing costs on (Service Plan N4)

Service Plan N4'11 (four valve, 11degree engines)

Multistrada 1200 (All variants) / Diavel (All variants) / XDiavel (All variants) / Streetfighter 848 / Monster 1200 (All variants) / Multistrada 1200 DVT (All variants)

Click here for servicing costs on (Service Plan N4'11)

Service Plan N4'11 821 / 939 (four valve, 11degree 821cc engines)

Hypermotard (All variants 2013 onwards) / Hyperstrada (All variants) / Monster 821 / Supersport (All variants)

Click here for servicing costs on (Service Plan N4'11 821)

Service Plan N4'SQ (Superquadro engines)

899 Panigale / 959 Panigale / 1199 Panigale / 1299 Panigale (All variants)

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