Ducati Glasgow Servicing Cost

We have always tried to dispel the myths that surround Ducati servicing costs. We have a proven track record offering you, our valued customer, the very best in service at the absolute best value for money. Every saving we can make you will help go towards making your ownership experience with Ducati even better.

The figures on the next pages will assist you to plan your budget for your servicing requirements whilst at the same time giving you a transparent idea of almost exactly what your bike will need and when.

Some service procedures are mileage related rather than required every year, we have created 'Service Plans' to suit those customers who simply do not use their bikes to the extent specified on Ducati's own service schedule.
Using our experience and knowledge, we can recommend exactly what level of servicing your bike will require at its specific age, mileage and type of use.

Every bike and owner combination is unique, the way each bike is used dictates the way it should be serviced by our technicians. e.g. A bike used for 10,000 miles and 12 track days a year will require far more ongoing maintenance than a bike that covers 1,500 miles with very light road use.

In 2009 we developed this pricing structure to cater for this and remain as flexible as possible. Rest assured, your pride and joy will still receive the care and attention it requires whilst ensuring the highest possible level of service.

How Much Does A Service Cost? At what intervals?

This is a question we hear all the time! We are happy to give you a factual answer. Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding the cost of Ducati ownership. Most of these are unfounded and untrue.

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Until the end of February 2018 we are offering:

  Discounted rates on servicing Offers on our pick-up and delivery service Discounted MOT’s Complimentary Winter Health Check

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