Thu, 05 Oct 2023

New DesertX Rally - Ride Wilder

Introducing the new DesertX Rally, born with one goal in mind: to always be ready for the most extreme adventures.​
The first Ducati equipped with a 21-inch front rim and an 18-inch rear rim, designed for the sportiest and demanding off-road riders: high front fender, lightweight and durable forged carbon mudguard, dedicated seat with increased grip. All features that make for a bike that is perfect for tackling challenging terrain, with new aluminum plates clamping a KYB closed-cartridge fork, suspensions and shock absorber equipped with technology used only in professional enduros.​
The popular Ducati Testastretta 11° twin-cylinder engine and strong, lightweight steel trellis frame are once again confirmed, capable of withstanding even the highest stresses typical of off-road racing.​
The DesertX Rally really gives you the chance to dream big, to try your hand at rallying and the most demanding voyages, equipped with top-notch components and always ready for adventure.​
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