Cafe Racer

Cafe Concept Image

New Re-Launched Cafe Racer!

For all our coffee lovers, tea sippers, foosball fanatics and those who frequently visit our beloved Cafe Racer, you’ll be excited to hear that we have some new plans in place and are developing our pit stop!

One year on since opening and thousands of coffees later we’ve reviewed our social space and spent some time searching for the destiny of our own Cafe Racer…

So we’ve evaluated our plans, got a few ideas in place, methods to change things around, and we’re sure we will be blowing your biker boots off!

Our Cafe will only be open Friday and Saturday while we make the necessary changes and get settled in to our new processes.

If you’ve got any feedback for us regarding the cafe, for example:

  • What would you like to see on our menus?
  • Have you any suggestions to our decor?
  • What facilities would you like to have available in our cafe?
  • Do you want more magazines, games or sport channels?
  • Do you want to get involved?

Let us know by emailing here!

This is your chance to tell us what you want from your cafe. We want you to meet your friends here, socialise with other clubs, hang out and talk bikes. As bikers, that’s just a natural part of our lifestyle, and we understand it. We’ll build it. For you.

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