Sat, 21 Apr 2018

2018 Ducati Glasgow Knockhill Track Night Dates Confirmed!

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers we organise track evenings. We do this because they are great fun and the natural intended environment for most modern sports bikes, not just Ducati models.

Why take part in a Track Night?
The track is somewhere you can forget about all of the usual concerns about road riding. The emphasis is on fun and safety. Just because the speeds are generally higher, doesn't mean the danger is! This is one of the only times you will ride your motorcycle in a controlled and supervised environment where every corner is being supervised by a trained professional (marshall).

The best way to approach a track evening is to view the circuit as a safe stretch of road that you can learn easily and become very familiar with. Every rider is on track will be riding their pride and joy so it is a very courteous environment, there is no fairing bashing and it is not a race.

How does a track day work?
The set-up is simple. Track evenings are from 5.30pm to 8pm which includes the safety briefing. All 40 riders on the track together whether novice or fast for a 2 hours 'open' session. On every track day we have staff members and instructors on hand to take you round and give you one to one instruction and advice. There is no noise testing at Knockhill.

On an 'open' session track evening, the pit lane is open for the duration of the session so riders can come in and out as much as they please, maximising track time as much as possible.

The safety briefing from the Knockhill staff is fully comprehensive. Track misbehaviour is simply not tolerated by either organisation. This means all skill and speed levels can intermingle on the track easily and without incident. The positive effect is the slower riders learn from the faster ones.

Over-taking is done only in straight lines, either on the brakes or on the straights. We always recommend leaving the corner overtaking manoeuvres to the racers and the Pro's.

Come along and try one - you'll not believe how much fun you're missing!

There is limited space on these events, therefore usually sell out over a month in advance. If you wait until the day of the Track Night you will almost certainly be disappointed. Please book your space with plenty of time to spare.

The dates for 2018 are as follows:
    •    Fri 20th April (For photos click here.)
    •    Fri 18th May
    •    Fri 8th June
    •    Fri 29th June  
    •    Fri 13th July
    •    Fri 17th Aug
    •    Fri 7th Sept - Regular timing. 5pm sign on for 5.30pm briefing. Track open until 8pm.

All for just £80 per rider with no increase from last year. To book or for more details call us on 0141 333 4998 or email Payment can be made over the phone or in store.

Please note:
These are NOT Ducati only nights, they are open to all makes of bike. Payment must be made in full at time of booking and cannot pay on the night. You must bring your driving licence to the track event if you wish to ride on circuit. Your place will not be kept unless full payment is received. No refunds are given should the track night be cancelled due to events out with our control. We will always attend whatever the weather, if you choose to cancel because of the weather that is at your discretion and no refund will be given. The only exception where we will offer refunds would be if Knockhill were to cancel the event. You will be notified of this as soon as we are made aware of this situation. Please always give your phone number and email address at the time of booking. Track night fees are non refundable. You may not offer your space to someone else in the event you cannot attend as we at Ducati Glasgow hold a reserve list and any spaces available will be allocated to those on the reserve list on a first come-first served basis. All other conditions as per Knockhill.