Why use funding?

Are your gas payments up? Electricity payments up? Food bills up? Fuel bills up? 

We can help get your motorcycle payments DOWN to a much more affordable monthly payment but you can still have the bike you really want!

Before you say you can't afford a new Ducati, come and ask us what's possible as there are so many options on funding to suit every budget! Why not find out just how low the payments can be? It's no obligation advice and doesn't take long.

Lower, fixed, accepted.

  • Lower: monthly payments with a deferred option (Guaranteed final payment, PCP / TriOptions)
  • Fixed: monthly payments (no fear of interest rate changes)
  • Accepted: Blackhorse welcomes new loan applications (AAA rated bank with available funds)

Lower payments than 0% finance available? It's possible but you'll need to contact us to find out how..

For more information and finance examples, please call our Business Manager on 0141 333 4 998 or click here to email.